VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 vs Ergotron WorkFit-T – Full Comparison Review

While considering the lifestyles of most men and women around the workplaces, several studies have suggested that sitting for more than 6 hours can be extremely detrimental for health. Another study revealed and proven the fact that sitting for long hours increases the chances of dying at a very young age.

To mitigate the health risks and to increase the longevity, introduction of ergonomic standing desks converters are definitely a revolution at the workplace. Varidesk or Ergotron might be your options, but still, you want to end up with the best one.

That’s why we are going to compare both these ergonomic sit-to-stand converters for you. So ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts and set back for the ultimate Varidesk vs. Ergotron battle.

Varidesk and Ergotron Quick Overview


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Price: $395
Amazon Star Ratings: 5 stars
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Price: $410
Amazon Star Ratings: 4.5 stars
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Varidesk vs. Ergotron Features

Varidesk’s ProPlus 36 and Ergotron’s WorkFit TL are the best options that you can have to augment your workplace. Both the desks come with the basic plus advanced features that increase productivity and keeps you fit.

Here are the features that are included in both the desks, so that you can get the best for you.

Ease of Adjustment

Ease of adjustment is the first feature that you need to focus on. You definitely don’t want to end up with the one that comes in pieces. The one that you have to learn to assemble first, then set the parts and then make it useful. Fortunately, both the desks that we have on our board comes with the ease of adjustment. You don’t have to set it piece by piece. Instead, slide them out of the box and bam, you are ready to work. Great, isn’t it?


If you are looking for something that turns your everyday desk into a stand-up desk instantly, then Varidesk’s ProPlus 36 is all you need. This converter from the Varidesk is super easy to adjust. It comes with a spring-loaded boost mechanism that allows it to adapt effortlessly to any height. It is also very easy to lift, allowing you to transform your workspace, without any hassle.


While the Ergotron comes with sit-stand adjustability, unlike Varidesk. This standing desk also comes with an effortless adjustment. You don’t need to lift anything up or assemble anything. Simply slide it out of the box and bam! You are ready to work.

Range of Adjustment

Range of adjustment is another essential feature you need to look before you buy a standing desk converter. You wouldn’t want a desk that is stuck in a particular position. The converter you select should be flexible enough to provide you a customization option so that you can adjust it per your needs, requirements, and comfort, whenever you feel the need.


Varidesk is a really flexible standing desk offering tons of adjustment for the work geeks. It comes with 11 different height settings that you can adjust according to your height and ease. In addition to that, the best part about this desk is that it can stand as tall as up to 17.5″ off your desk, allowing you to work effortlessly.


Just like Varidesk, Ergotron’s WorkFit TL also offers flexibility to adjust the height of the desk. There are 20 different heights that you can set with this desk and find comfortable. Moreover, there is a 15″ range that help pinpoints the perfect sitting and standing heights. No matter what size you are, this desk will adjust.


Quality is what that matters. Mainly when you are investing some good bucks. An ideal standing desk comes with high-quality materials that offer an inviting look, in addition to providing basic functionality. And in this comparison, both the brands have you covered. The quality of both the standing desks is excellent that will help you stay active all day long while offering a professional look.


Varidesk’s 36 ProPlus comes with the top-notch quality materials that will keep you productive at your workplace. The desk is made with the heavy, weighted base that remains sturdy and stable at any of its 11 height. The safety and ease of this desk have its edge.


The quality of this desk, on the other hand, is the next level. The desk is built to last. Its robust design offers ease of use, adjustment as well as stability that won’t tip or loosen while working. There is a cable adjustment cutout that will lessen the mess created by wires. In addition to that, the design of this desk is pretty enough to make your office a modern workplace.

Weight Capacity

Each adjustable desk comes with a specific weight capacity that indicates how much load it can take. Of course, a professional working desk is heavy. And you definitely want one that can at least take your desktop, speakers, important files and even a coffee mug. Fortunately, both the desks come with good load capacity.


Whether it is your laptop, your desktop, or your books, Varidesk can take it all. With two spacious tiers and the weight capacity of 35 lbs. This desk is pretty much enough to handle the weight of your equipment. The intelligent two-tier design allows it to divide the weight and adjust all your mobile phone, calculators, laptops, and even two monitors. Great, isn’t it?


This one is also a two-tier design that gives room for enough productive space you need. The weight capacity of WorkFit TL is around 18.1 kg. That means it can also carry your heavy computer, files, coffee mug, and everything your work desk would have.


You definitely don’t want a desk that always tips off while you are working, no matter standing or sitting. That is the reason you need to consider the stability of the desk you are looking to buy.


As mentioned earlier, Varidesk’s ProPlus 36 comes with the heavy weighted base. This allows it to stand still on the place while you are working. It won’t tip off, won’t tremble, thereby enabling you to work effortlessly on the go.


You shouldn’t be worried about this desk being shaking or going down with all your supplies. Thanks to the heavy and robust base that allows it to stand tall without any shaking. Ergotron’s support is also well-equipped that will enable it to stand still at the adjusted height even with the heavy typing and load.

Other Factors You May Consider

In addition to that, both the desks also come with ergonomic movements and flexible adjustment. The joints might crank while adjusting the height, and they simply adjust fast enough to help you complete your assignment on time.

Moreover, the sit to stand converter from both the companies gives you the freedom of work. Whether you choose to sit or stand, these desks will adjust accordingly. The best part about these desks is that they both come with a risk-free guarantee and product certifications.

Varidesk offers a 30-day allowing you to be sure about your desk or simply return it and get a refund. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty to help you get the best experience and productivity.

Just like that, Ergotron also does come with a 5-year warranty that all its material will remain free of defects. In case of any malfunction, the company also ensures workmanship for 5 years.

Side by Side Comparison

Monitor Capacity22
Height Settings1120
Weight Capacity35lbs40lbs
Warranty5 years5 years
Electricity PoweredNoNo

Should I buy Varidesk or Ergotron?

With these two standing desk converters, you won’t have to be chained to your seats and hurt your backs. Both these converters are definitely worth the purchase because of their productive features and irresistible quality. But, still contemplating which one you should go for?

We recommend buying Varidesk if you:

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We recommend buying Ergotron if you:

  • Want an extremely solid and stable platform to work.
  • Want to boost your productivity.
  • Want constant force technology.
  • Want a cable friendly design.
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Final Conclusion

As you have seen, there are many similarities in both the desks, but there are a few differences. Ergotron’s desk converter offers 40 lbs weight capacity while the Varidesk’s converters offer a load capacity of up to 35lbs. Ergotron offers 20 different height adjustments while Varidesk offers only 11. So choose the one that fits your needs. And continue working in perfect ergonomic comfort.

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