Comparison: VersaDesk Power Pro 36” vs VariDesk Pro Plus 36” Full Review

VersaDesk and VariDesk Overview

Two similar size standing desk converters with different features, this VersaDesk vs VariDesk 36-inch comparison article will give you a better understanding on which converter would be better suited for your monitor. The VersaDesk Power Pro 36” and VariDesk Pro Plus 36” offer a variety of features which ensures enjoyable and healthy use of your computer while effectively accomplishing your tasks.

VersaDesk Power Pro 36″

versadesk power pro 36" product image
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Price: $395
Amazon Star Ratings: 4.5 stars
Amazon Reviews: 100+

Varidesk Pro Plus 36″

varidesk pro plus standing desk converter
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Price: $390
Amazon Star Ratings: 5 stars
Amazon Reviews: 1,500+

VersaDesk Power Pro and VariDesk 49900 Pro Plus Comparison Chart

VersaDesk Power Pro 36"VariDesk 49900 Pro Plus 36"
Surface DimensionTop Tier: 36" (W) x 16.25" (D)
Second Tier: 36" (W) x 7.75" (D)
Total: 36" (W) x 24" (D)
36" (W) x 24" (D)
Footprint Dimension36" (W) x 15.5" (D)36" (W) x 26.75" (D)
Color OptionsBlack, Gray, Maple, WhiteBlack
Keyboard TrayYesNo
Lift MechanismElectric Push ButtonManual Spring Assisted Lift
Lift Weightup to 80 lbsup to 35 lbs
Height LevelsContinuous up to 20"11 Different Height Settings up to 15.5"
Sit to Standing StyleStraight UpTowards You
Item Weight40 lbs52 lbs
WarrantyLifetime5-Years Limited Warranty
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Comparing Ergonomics and Adjustability

We’ll try to boil it down to see how the ergonomics and adjustability are for the Versadesk and Varidesk.

VersaDesk Power Pro 36” has a two-tier feature of the workspace which provides an upper stage surface for your monitor and a lower spacious level for your keyboard and mouse. Furthermore, this desk can be adjusted for sitting or standing heights all by the work of your finger, instead of using a spring-assisted lift. The VersaDesk’s user-friendly electric push button modifies the desk at any height.

VariDesk Pro Plus 36” also has a two-tiered design which separates the desk for the keyboard and mouse from that of the monitor’s. This feature allows a dual-monitor set-up on the upper deck and more space for the accessories on the lower level such as speakers, hard drive, and more. This Pro Plus 36” desk has a spring-assisted mechanism instead of an electric touch which helps you lift and lower the desk with 11 preset settings.


Both the VersaDesk and VariDesk have a unique feature that is they can be adjusted for sitting and standing position. Depending on the weight of the equipment, the VersaDesk can take longer to get to the position you want, because it is electric, while the other converter can be set to the desired level at a faster motion.

Comparing Size and Stability

So, you want to know about the dimensions and sturdiness of these two products.

VersaDesk Power Pro 36”

  • Item dimension: 36 x 24 x 5
  • Item weight: 37 lbs
  • Item size: 36″
  • Maximum Net Weight: 80lbs.

VariDesk Pro Plus 36”

  • Product weight: 52.15 lbs.
  • Dimensions (Weighted Base): 30″(W) x 24″(D)
  • Extension Height: 17.5″ (Display Surface) & 14″ (Keyboard Deck)
  • Work surface measures: 36″(W) x 29.75″(D) (Display Surface & Keyboard Deck)
  • Keyboard deck measures: 36″(W) x 14.25″(D)

In addition, this Varidesk has a height adjustable to 11 different positions for the user’s efficiency. It also stays stable and sturdy even when fully extended. The difference between the Versadesk and Varidesk is that the Versadesk raises up and down, as opposed to a rowing motion (moving towards you). An up and down motion can be a little bit more stable, but it also depends on the equipment you use on your surface.

Should I Buy VersaDesk or VariDesk?

versadesk woman working standing up

Versadesk Power Plus 36

varidesk pro plus 36 woman using standing desk converter and working

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

So, for the crucial part, what should I buy, the VersaDesk Power Pro 36” or the VariDesk Pro Plus 36”?

VersaDesk has an electric height adjustable standing desk riser and a power sit to stand desktop converter with keyboard tray. Furthermore, it is designed and assembled in California. Also, it offers a 3-year warranty on all motorized parts and a lifetime warranty on all the frames.

It has colors which easily goes with your office design so it’s up to you to choose monochrome or chromatic tones. VersaDesk also has multiple mounting options for dual screens but the mounting kit is sold separately. Finally, its no-scratch felt pads maintain the integrity of the desk surface.

The VersaDesk is a great Varidesk alternative if you want an electrically powered standing desk converter.

VariDesk, on the other hand, requires no assembly, all you have to do it take it out of the box and place it on top of your existing desk. Its spring-loaded mechanism makes it easy to lower or raise the monitors and gear.

Also, both higher and lower levels of desks are spacious enough to accommodate two monitors and other accessories.

We Would Recommend VersaDesk if You’re Looking For:

  • Motorized button height adjustment
  • Up to 80 lbs. power lift
  • Multiple mounting options
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We Would Recommend VariDesk if You’re Looking For:

  • 11 different height setting
  • Assemble-free desk
  • Spring-assisted lift mechanism
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Final thoughts VersaDesk vs VariDesk

These two are a great addition to the office. Both have been reviewed by hundreds of happy customers and they do exactly what is expected. Of course, one is electrical while the other is manual. One has more task surface area, while the other doesn’t. It comes down to what your preference is.

Whether you choose the VersaDesk or the VariDesk, we think you’ll be a happy customer! If you decide to choose any of these because of our review, please give us a shoutout and let us know which one you decided to get in our comments below!

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