VIVO Desk-V000B Adjustable Desk Converter Review

​Steel frame combined with innovative gas spring power holds weights up to 37.5 pounds. The top platform rests 6.5" from your desk’s surface in sitting position and 16" when at maximum height.

Why is the VIVO height-adjustable desk riser being one of the highly-rated desk converters available on Amazon today? How does it stack up against its competitors? We’ve tested and researched this desk converter to help you understand why it’s been praised by thousands.

Our in-depth review of the VIVO adjustable desk converter will be going over some of its features, strengths, and weaknesses.

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You may love the VIVO adjustable converter if you:

  • Don’t want to pay too much money on a piece of furniture.
  • Like the option of having a keyboard tray or not.
  • Don’t mind having preset heights – giving you eight different adjustments.

You may hate the VIVO adjustable desk converter if you:

  • Need the freedom of unlimited height adjustment.
  • Need a bigger working space beside the 36″ W x 22″ D surface.
  • Don’t like the small storage tray on the surface.

VIVO Desk Riser Features

The Desk Riser looks and works like a standard standing desk. It can be raised or lowered according to your preference. The difference lies in the material and quality of the construction, height adjustment levels, mechanism, size, and extra features for added comfort.

Simple Assembly

Unlike other ready to use standing desks, the Desk Riser needs minimal assembly. This could pose a problem for people who often have troubles putting small pieces of things together.

Losing screws or misplacing parts could be frustrating. You could end up messing up the whole thing.

Work Surface

A spacious work surface is great if you need more than one monitor setup and plenty of room for other desktop items and paperwork. The desk is dual-tiered and has ample space measuring 36 x 22 inches that can fit several monitor setups:

  • One-monitor setup
  • Dual-monitor setup
  • One monitor and a laptop

VIVO standing desk converter varidesk pro plus alternative 36" wide with dual monitors

Your monitors can be placed in the top tier while the lower deck can hold the keyboard and mouse and can be raised on the same level as the top layer allowing a more comfortable workspace. This is a great feature because everyone likes options.

One small caveat is that the size of the keyboard tray is slightly smaller than what is comfortable, at least for some people. Gamers and individuals who need ample mouse space would find this a little disappointing.

However, a keyboard tray is just a matter of preference. If the surface area of the desk is large enough to fit monitors and other desktop items including the keyboard and mouse, a keyboard tray is unnecessary. Some standing desks do not even have one, to begin with. You’ll have to purchase it separately if you prefer to have one.

Size and Weight Capacity

The entire desk has a weight capacity of 37.5 lbs. And since it has a wide work surface, it is expected that the desk is quite massive. This could be a problem for small workspaces. This means that your regular work cubicle won’t cut it. Moving around would feel limiting. Always take into consideration the measurement of your actual workspace before you purchase any desk.

This desk is bulky and heavy. You might find it difficult to lift the desk or carry it from one location to another without worrying if you’ll hurt your back or your stuff. But if you have to, make sure you ask for help.

vivo desk side profile

Construction and Gas Spring Mechanism

The frame of the desk is made of steel and in a black finish. It is sturdy in all the right places, and the gas spring mechanism allows a smooth transition from sitting to standing position. You can easily adjust the height and lock it according to your comfort level. The height ranges from 6.5 to 16 inches and eight levels.

Monitor Mount and Cable Clamp

One notable feature this desk has is its monitor mount compatibility and cable organization. It is a feature that we feel is well-thought out and very useful. Although we think wireless keyboard and mouse is still a better way to go when working to avoid the distraction and hassle of fixing twisted cords.

Removable Keyboard Tray

Most standing desk converters don’t allow you to remove the keyboard tray, while the VIVO desk gives you this option. Depending on how your work environment is set up and your ergonomics, you can choose to set your keyboard on the top of the surface, or on the keyboard tray.

vivo desk removable keyboard tray


The price of this desk is relatively lower compared to its rivals, which might make this a little more attractive to those who are concerned about pricing but still want to be able to gain the health benefits of standing while working.

Because the pricing is very affordable, this is a perfect addition to any students’ desk who are on a budget and wants to stay active while studying.

Final Thoughts

9.4 Total Score

Material & Quality
Adjustability & Ergonomics
  • The two-tier system, wide work surface, and the flexibility to choose a more comfortable workspace.
  • Monitor mount and cable organization feature
  • Steel desk frame with gas spring mechanism that allows easy transition from sitting to standing position
  • It is a sturdy desk. It stays stable even at its extended height.
  • Available at a very reasonable price
  • The keyboard tray is small, which limits the user’s mouse movement.
  • The desk is too heavy to lift and carry from one place to another. It is also quite difficult to raise the desk with all the desktop items on top of it.
  • Some users, especially those who are over 6 feet tall complained about the maximum height level to be a little shorter than what is comfortable for them.
  • Needs minimal assembly
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)

Aside from reaping all the health benefits of using this standing desk and maximizing your work performance by doubling your productivity, you’ll get a high-quality desk packed with excellent features for a very reasonable price if you decide to get this one.

The cons are workable. They are not that big of a deal-breaker if you ask us. So, yes, we do recommend this standing desk!

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For more information, check the Desk Riser on Amazon


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VIVO Desk-V000B Adjustable Desk Converter Review
VIVO Desk-V000B Adjustable Desk Converter Review

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