Our In-Depth VIVO Electric Desk Converter Review – See the Specs

Do you want to be able to go from sitting to standing within seconds without even having to turn a crank or worry about your electronics not being able to withstand the change? We have the ideal stand up desk for you, especially if you’re trying to save money while still engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike many brands on the market VIVO has lowered their quality where they need to, to be able to make an extremely affordable sit-to-stand desk converter that works. While the materials might not be the highest quality, that doesn’t mean this product isn’t built to last, because it will for years to come.

The VIVO brand stands out, not only because of their innovative methods of creating an affordable sit stand desk, but also because of how they plan the layouts of the products. From built in storage space to even the USB port for an easy charging space for your phone.

These seemingly simple features really put this product above the rest, because they want you to experience a workspace that is usable, realistic, and organized so you can jump into work at any point during the day.

This review has compiled all the necessary research about this product, we have a feeling you’ll like it for many of its stand out features, but it is ultimately up to you whether or not this product is right for you.

When you finish reading through this guide, we really hope you were able to learn everything you can about this product. We’ve lined up all the facts for you to review to be able to figure out whether or not this change is right for you and if this stand up desk is the tool to motivate you to make that change.

You Will Love The VIVO Electric Stand Up Converter If…

  • You Want Options: This product makes it easy to choose what you want out of your stand up desk, you can even remove the keyboard tray if you rather not use that addition.
  • You Need More Space: For a standing desk attachment that rests on a regular sitting desk, it is quite rare to see this kind of product have such a large desktop area to work. This makes it very easy to lay out your work how you want to.
  • You Want Dual Monitors: This desk is actually stable enough to support two full sized monitors on the table top without any issue or wobble when adjusting the height.
  • You Want Something Lightweight: There isn’t a ton of excessive hardware on this product, even though it does change heights by using electronics, but this is nice because it means there isn’t much to the product. This makes it very easy to move around how you want to.
  • You Want Quick Assembly: This product can be assembled very quickly, they ship it whole in the box, so when it arrives you just need to power it up and get started on setting up your workstation.
  • Built In USB: Next to the height adjustment buttons there is a simple USB that is built in to the side of the desk, which makes charging your phone super easy!

You Might Not Like The VIVO Electric Standing Desk If…

  • You Want A Full Stand Up Desk: Because this product is an attachment that is placed on a pre-existing sitting desk, we would not suggest that you buy this product if you’re looking for a full stand up desk and choose this because of the lower price.
  • You Want Higher Quality Materials: VIVO has done their research, their products are high quality, but they don’t always use the high quality luxury materials. They make a product that works, it works well and it’s what has allowed the price to become so low.
  • A Space Saver: If you’re looking for a product to fit into your office space, while you can physically change this product because of the unnecessary keyboard tray, they don’t have many customization options that will make this desk less obvious.

VIVO Electric Sit to Stand Desk Converter Product Overview

Review summary The electric version of their popular sit to stand Desk-V000B converter. There are a few key differences, aside from the iPhone/tablet holder, which we’ll get to in a bit.
Colors available Black
Dimensions Surface: 35″ x 23.25″
Weight Capacity 33 lbs
Product weight 60 lbs
Warranty Comes with one year warranty.
Where to buy Amazon

Electric Lift

This electric desk converters can be adjusted by just pressing a button. There are many benefits to using a stand up desk, but it’s important to note that the easier it is to change your routine, with simple commodities like this adjustable height is a must, especially if you plan on sitting and standing off and on throughout the day.

Extra Storage

There is an extra small storage space on the top of the desk where you can place your cell phone or other stationary you feel like you’ll need ready for work. This is very helpful especially since you can charge your phone from the desk as well.

Larger Work Space

The VIVO desk converters always come with a very large work space, especially since this desk style doesn’t usually allow or extra room. Because of this extra space, you’ll actually have enough room to have dual monitors if you would like. If you choose to have dual monitors, you will still have ample room around the desk top to fit more supplies if needed.

Fast Assembly

With a very minimal assembly, this product can be used as soon as you receive it for the most part. All you need to do is take it out of the box and plug it in to use the electronic aspects of the desk.

VIVO Electric Adjustable Stand Up Desk Video

Bottom Line

The VIVO electric converter stand up desk is one of a kind, a great alternative to the Varidesk brand. It’s cheap and simple, perfect for those who aren’t exactly sure if they want to commit to a full on standing desk that cost them thousands of dollars. While the standing desk attachments do act differently, both good and bad, it does work well regardless of the cheaper price.

If you’re in the market for this kind of product, you need to just go for it. You already know about all of the benefits so I’ll save your time, but overall, it’s extremely fun.

Will you be willing to try out this standing desk? Let us know by sharing this review with people who could use this article as well!

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For more information, check the VIVO Electric on Amazon


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