Tips on How to Work from Home Effectively and Productively

Are you working from home but can’t seem to maximize your time and workspace given the endless distractions around you? Working from home may be the most convenient yet challenging thing to overcome, especially when your worst enemy is yourself with the bad habits you’ve developed.

While working from home feels like a luxury, there’s always a tendency for you to feel sluggish and unproductive if you’re not fully focused and motivated. The good news though is that we’ve compiled for you the best tips for working from home effectively.

From your working environment up to some simple schedule tweaks, feel free to take note of these tips to appreciate better the amazing perks of working from home.

Benefits of Working From Home

One of the most convenient benefits of working from home is having a flexible schedule wherein you are the boss of your own time. It’s up to you to determine when you are going to do your work or have your rest.

You can also do your work anywhere in your house, coffee shop, or even while you are traveling. Saving money from commuting to your workplace is a significant advantage as well. You get a chance to work in your home peacefully by yourself while learning how to be independent in your terms.

More importantly, you get to practice your willpower and determination to have a routine without being distracted by unnecessary things around you.

Tips on How To Work at Home

Design your workspace

The first step is to allot an area in your home, which will serve as your workplace. You can set up a desk and a comfortable chair in this space to help you better in concentrating. You may even make way for a bit of decoration to boost your creativity while working.

designing your workspace to work at home

It also helps when you prevent from using a space that is dedicated for leisure time like the couch or the bed. It enables you to avoid laziness and finish your work on time. You will need to have a place where you can work comfortably but at the same time efficiently.

Working from home productivity can be achieved easily when your environment motivates you to focus. The aesthetics and overall look or feel will wire your mind to do what needs to be done.

Act like you’re still going to work

You need to convince yourself that you are “going” to work or at least “pretend” to do so. Make it a habit of convincing yourself that you are in your “workplace” and that you need to finish your job before the day ends. Doing this will condition your mind and body, making you feel the need to finish your work immediately.

Do the things that you usually do when preparing to go to the office: Set an alarm, have a quick breakfast and dress nicely as if you are really going to work. Doing these things will give you the impression of genuinely working in an office.

Getting the right mindset and habits is a good practice on how to work at home productively in the long run.

Communication is the key

If you are employed by a company that is fine with a work from home setup, it will not hurt to request for the things that you will need to achieve work from home productivity. It’s essential to ask early for the things that you will need in order to execute your job correctly and comfortably.

These companies or organizations that have regular employees who often work from home allocate a budget for these equipment. You can ask for a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, chair, and so on. You can even ask about a possible loan agreement, a free of charge deal, or how long are the equipment renewals.

Don’t forget to also communicate with your coworkers with regards to your assigned work, may it be as an individual or as a team. Having proper communication will lessen miscommunications at work and in doing so, will improve your work’s quality.

Taking breaks is essential

One of the best working from home tips for success is implementing scheduled breaks on your work routine. Set break times for some rest, lunch break, a quick snack, or even a 5-minute walk away from your desk. Don’t stay for a whole day just facing your monitor because it may strain your mind and body, making you feel tired at the end of the day.

relax and take a break from working at home

Rather than spending your break time to check your social media, stand up and walk around your house for a few minutes. Then, stretch your body to lessen your stress from your work. A lot of studies prove that overdoing your work may actually reduce your productivity. Never feel guilty about resting now and then.

Choose healthy eating

Have you ever wondered how to work at home while still getting your daily dose of nutritious food? Well, maximize your work from home situation, given your full access to your kitchen. So instead of eating unhealthy snacks such as chips, sodas, or microwaveable foods, go for something more healthy. Fruits, vegetables, and rich in protein food increase your overall productivity level.

Avoid eating those unhealthy snacks by throwing them or sticking with the rule of skipping them at the grocery stores. Don’t forget to drink water every now and then to keep yourself hydrated. Remember to take care of yourself by eating healthy for this will make the quality of your work better. Investing in your health is as crucial as getting the job done.

Invest in comfortable and functional office furniture

A valuable working from home guide tip that most people forget to tell you is investing in good office furniture. Having a high-quality set of office furniture is linked to increased productivity. More importantly, it will ensure your safety and comfort by avoiding injury, posture, and health problems.

Choose the right height for your chair and desk that will fit you. When working, make sure that your distance from the monitor is not too near since it may cause your eyes to strain. Have proper lighting in your area that is not too bright nor too dim to prevent headaches while doing your work.

Remember that you will be working in this space every day, so don’t compromise yourself and invest with only the best. After all, your efforts to improve your work from home setup will significantly reflect on your outputs and revenue in the long run.

Cut down distractions

It’s really challenging to stay away from distractions but learning how to work at home while still gaining focus is the key to achieve productivity.

First, break up your work in portions and find time to relax in between. You may post your schedule to keep you reminded of the relevant jobs you have to finish first. Then, you can squeeze in some free time to regain your focus for your next task.

You can also play background music or tunes while working to keep you in rhythm with what you’re working on. It also mutes other noises from your environment to help you focus easier. Prevent from using your phone too much because it has all the distractions you must avoid.

Set work hours

Another convenience of working from home is that you get to set your specific working hours. So if you are a morning person, you may set your working hours from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm to finish early for the day. Don’t forget to include maybe three 15-minute to 20-minute breaks for a quick snack. A short walk is also ideal so you can recharge your energy for another work.

Now that you don’t need to follow strict schedule rules like with an office, you may use your breaks to choose a routine that will make you productive. You may also adjust your working hours as your need arises.

For example, if you are planning for a vacation or attending an event, your schedule can be easily adjusted. Make sure that you follow the preferred working hours you have set to practice self-discipline.

Analyze your peak productivity periods

Each individual has their own most productive time of the day. You may be the most productive, alert, and focused during the day while others feel most productive during every afternoon and night. No one can work effectively from morning to evening for your energy will surely drain as the hours pass by.

Use your most productive time to do your hardest job and your most unproductive time for your easiest task. The most important thing to remember is for you to find out when you are most productive. Construct your schedule according to your productivity period to help you do your job more efficiently.

Stay away from social media

One of the most timely tips for working from home effectively is being controlled with your social media usage. Social media applications can readily be accessed, making them the biggest distraction for people working like you.

Using social media while working will undoubtedly decrease your productivity and creativity levels extensively. You won’t notice that you have been using them for 5 hours straight making you forget about the work you need to finish.

You can erase social media apps from your browser or use incognito mode to prevent your social media apps from being visible in your phone. If you are guilty of being a social media addict, make it a habit to close all your social media apps or hide your phone far away from your workplace before working. Doing this will help you focus more on your work and avoid being tempted into distractions.

Set up a morning routine

Working from home may mean a flexible schedule on your part, but it doesn’t mean that you should wake up late and skip the essential things that need to get done early. You should still have a morning routine and start by setting up an alarm, eating breakfast, taking a bath, and dressing up for work.

Condition your mind and check your email for important announcements or additional work. Having a morning routine will make you more productive for it helps you exercise your brain functions. Besides, you can finish a lot of work if you start early. Try getting up before everyone does and see the difference it has on the number of your accomplished tasks.

Don’t work in front of a TV

Another thing that will keep you from doing your work is staying in front of a television. You may think that working from home is a treat and that you can do everything you want while working, but this habit will really help you finish your work.

Make it a habit to concentrate on your work during your structured working hours. Avoid any digital distractions, including TVs and smartphones, so you can focus on your work and finish them on time. If you are comfortable with the sound of the TV as your background noise, then you may open it but avoid looking at it so you will not be distracted.

That’s it! Take note of these working from home tips for success and better understanding on how you can improve your daily setup of goals. What are the worst distractions for you while working? Let us know in the comment section below!

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