Improving Your Workspace Can Increase Productivity, Motivation, and Energy Levels

Being design conscious is much more important than you might think, especially when you spend the majority of your day sitting or standing at your workspace. What’s around you can drastically influence your work ethic, mood, and overall quality of your work. While we’ve advised hard-working individuals to stray away from personal and other cluttering aspects when it comes to workspaces, we’re taking this chance to make sure you know what you should add to your space in a more design conscious and ergonomic way that will boost your creativity and overall wellness. This article will go over some tips on improving your workspace design and productivity, motivation, and energy levels.

You can also improve your concentration levels and stay focused by keeping a minimalistic taste in your space and office. This doesn’t automatically mean that you need to be trendy 24/7 and constantly update your space, but making a few changes and adjustments over time to create a more timeless and seamless environment will overall increase how productive you are at the end of the day. Keep this in mind while we go over some key factors that you can change to create a better wave of motivation and positivity in your everyday workspace.


Meet in the Commons

Being surrounded in an area with other fast-paced hard-working individuals will create a chain of events that encourages productivity, we feed off of the energy around us, so try moving your conference area to the office roof to get some sun and relax while sharing ideas, or redesign a sitting area that will create focus and comfort for everyone involved. This will create a very modern area that introduces new design features that will benefit most individuals in the workspace. Overall creating an agile workspace that promotes positive benefits in the long run.

A Touch of Green Increases Focus

Adding a simple plant to your desktop has been known to increase productivity by 15%. Not only will it add a boost of life to your dull workspace, but it will also offer you a sense of peace when you sit down to work at your desk every day of the week. Not only does a simple plant improve your indoor air quality, but it also helps you focus, maintain a healthy mindset and improve your stress levels. In a working environment, maintaining stress levels is key to providing the best quality work you can create.


Try Something New

Adjustable standing desks are a great option, not only because of the positive health benefits they offer to our bodies, while also increasing energy and positive moods. They also double as a great solution when looking for ways to modernize a space without sacrificing ergonomic abilities and aesthetics.

Desks should work with us, not against us and our health. Taking the time to combine our health needs and modern design will only leave us with positive benefits in the work environment.

The Numbers Game

There are more important numbers to worry about that aren’t found in your daily workload. Making sure that your computer monitor is 20 to 40 inches of viewing distance from your eyes when you’re in a postured natural sitting position, as well as making sure that your screen is facing away from sun glare, you’ll notice an almost automatic relief when you sit down to work. This natural degree from our eyes helps us position our body in a way that will not be too relaxed or too stiff. If you choose to sit during the workday this is a great change to implement if you aren’t ready to make the switch to an adjustable desk. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you’ll notice that when you lay down after a long day at work, you won’t be bothered by aches and pains from stiff necks and joints!

Pay Attention to Light, Color, and Space

Be mindful of these very important qualities: introducing natural light will automatically increase the mood and vibrancy of your personality. Using subtle greens and blues in a workspace to accent the harsh minimalist monochrome colorway offices tend to have will bring some much-needed life into the environment and will greatly help you improve your focus and motivation. Keeping in mind your space available to you should give you a good personal standard when it comes to what should exist in your workspace and what you can do without. If you feel like there is a lack of space and you’re constantly feeling unfocused and distracted, it’s time to clear out the clutter and start fresh.

Keep Design In Mind

When it comes down to it, the design is key to a motivated, productive, and energy filled work environment. From being mindful about light, space, sound, and who is around you, down to the kind of desk that works best for you, the design is a key factor in every motivated work environment today. A design might seem a bit intimidating or pretentious to incorporate into a serious work area, but it’s really not when you get to the elements that will make or break an office space. The design allows for a personal touch to be present in a fast-paced environment, without the added heavy personal emotions.

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