Xdesk Desk Has Caught Our Eyes and Here’s Why

And Exactly How They Have Cornered The Market Of Wellness And The Corporate Industry

Xdesk has caught the eye of not only myself but the corporate world for several reasons in recent months.  They’ve gone above and beyond to bring forth a new way of working in any office space.  Whether it be from home or in business big or small, Xdesk has presented the people with a new way of working. 

They’ve aimed to give meaning to space, they want to pull on your emotions because of how connected we are to our own wellness, and they’re completely right.  People should be putting their health first; there shouldn’t be a scale where health and work have to compete with each other constantly.

We want to walk you through their brand as a whole, so you can understand what this company wants to achieve, their goals for the future, and how their products stand out from the rest of the competition.

In over 500 years, the industry standard of desks have not changed; there has always been a tradition of keeping desks as a plain workspace that you pull up a chair too.  Xdesk set out to break this norm, and in one swift motion, they did.  Not only did they completely change the industry as we know it today, but they also laid down the foundation to let other brands and companies feel brave enough to explore this market.

Xdesk is one of the biggest brands of ergonomic desks, they’ve changed the tradition and no other company has as many recommendations and accolades to their name.  According to Xdesk, they are considered the quintessential power-adjustable standing desk, nothing can compete with them on the market today.

Cult of Mac discusses the minimalist features of modern stand up desks by Xdesk:

Its design is perfectly simple. The Terra is very minimalist and looks like something Jony Ive would build. It’s a desk that you can proudly put in your den rather than hide away in a corner of your house.

Below we’ll be covering brief mentions of sections we’ll be going into more in-depth, just so you can get an overall feel of what this brand has to offer.  We’ll be giving you just a taste of what else is to come in this release, because when you finish reading through this dissertation you’ll find yourself missing something in your life, a quality cutting edge stand up desk from Xdesk.

Xdesk offers quality and care in their craftsmanship, they value function and aesthetic in the products they create.  They completely understand the importance of how design plays a role in a space and if it happens to even be a bit off, it will offset the entire workspace as a whole.

One of the many highlights of the Xdesk brand happens to be the materials they choose to use within their desks.  They only use the highest quality materials so you can have a desk that lasts for a lifetime. They also use very durable metals as well so you can have a sturdy worktop which is needed if you plan to use this desk regularly.  No one wants to deal with a desk that constantly wobbles because of poor crafting and materials.

When it comes to the products available, there are endless ways to customize the desk of your dreams.  Xdesk is dedicated to the fine details and what will help your work be more efficient.  Everything about any Xdesk can be completely personalized. 

Xdesk has was given countless awards as well as reviews from big name brands and companies in the workplace industry.  From Forbes, Wired, and Maximum PC, the reviews are limitless and really speak for the overall feeling from the community when it comes to how individuals feel about the Xdesk as a whole.

Over the years we have made thousands of desks that improve the daily life for thousands of people all over the world. We’ve also made desks for talk show celebrities, famous musicians and the highest scoring NBA player. – Xdesk

Austin Texas, the hub of Xdesk has become one of the most visited places in America, it offers tons of music, culture, and style, but Xdesk also reaches out to the community constantly to conduct real quality tests that keep the brand on their toes with honest feedback from people who would use stand up desks.  This feedback is what brings Xdesk to be one of the most relatable brands on the market.  They actually care about what people say, they take suggestions and they work hard to make sure that they’re creating the best products they can.

The technology that Xdesk has introduced into this standstill industry in the workplace has revolutionized the norm.  They are continuing to push the limits of the desk industry even further, they constantly grow their brand with new and innovative ideas that are eye-catching and needed for the health of the office space and for a better tomorrow.

Maximum PC says:

Score of 100 – Kick Ass!  Absolute best-in-class adjustable desk you can buy…there’s no other sit/stand desk we’ve ever used that was this well made. If you prefer an alternative, you may want to check out any of the best selling desk converters that you’ll be able to adjust from sitting to standing.

We’ll be going more into detail about every aspect Xdesk has to offer, from their background, their collections, and how they view design as a whole and how design plays a role in the creation of a signature Xdesk.

About Xdesk

Xdesk holds their point of view in high regard, they want to capture a modern aesthetic without sacrificing any of the quality and experience that goes into any one of their products.  They don’t follow the rules and they wholeheartedly believe: form follows function.

The idea behind this brand started as a simple thought, to be able to develop an ergonomic desk that almost instantly turned into something much more complex.  They wanted to start creating an adjustable desk that used powered telescoping columns to help ease the process and keep quality in check.  This mission of theirs shaped the way we see standing desks today. The trend that keeps growing and growing.

Collections Available

The master craftsman of Xdesk transform amazing materials such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Bamboo
  • Rubberwood
  • Steel
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Woodfree

Each desk starts off by having quality materials being selected in a sustainable way, which is followed by a multi-step process that includes shaping the unique frame, carving the beautiful desktops, and using precision electro-mechanical columns to fit onto each desk. 

From here each desk is tested and made sure that they work perfectly and smoothly.  These desks are very unique and stand apart from every other desk on the market.

Terra Collection

woman sitting on a xdesk terra stand up desk next to floor to ceiling windows

This collection focuses on the idea to have simple storage solutions for cords, your mouse and keyboard, while also focusing on stability and safety features that haven’t been created for any other desk on the market, ensuring that your valuable electronics will be safe. 

Air Collection

image of an xdesk air standing desk

The Air Collection is one of the most stable options on the market, not only is it able to carry up to 600+ lbs, but it is also modern and design-centered. This collection pushes the limits of what is currently possible with standing desks in modern-day society.  Their bold designs and four columns to make sure nothing about this desk will offer any instability.

Vintage Collection

man working on an xdesk vintage stand up desk

The Vintage Collection is just that, vintage with high-quality materials with a rustic flair.  These desks stand out in a great way, especially when it comes to design.  These models are built to last and inspired by old Texas.  This mix of industrial and modern capabilities are impressive and eye-catching.

Compact & Hybrid Collection

woman with an xdesk hybrid compact in living room sitting on a couch

The Compact & Hybrid Collection combines your current desk with an attachment that you’re able to move around effortlessly for your computer.  This will increase your storage and can be used with any existing desk you currently have.  These models offer over 200 positions so you can find what makes you the most comfortable.

Custom Collection

U-shaped xdesk custom design

Finally, the Custom Collection is an option that Xdesk offers to customers if they really want to fully personalize their desk, from the height, the materials, even how powerful you want it to be.  If you have a dream desk in mind and haven’t been able to find anything that comes close, this is the option you want, because you’ll be able to change everything about the desk and create something exclusively for you.

Not only will your desk be unique, but this u-shaped minimal desk is a custom build option, something many brands don’t even offer in any capacity, that should show you how willing Xdesk is to stand out and make the customer happy.

Wired when discussing the vintage collection Xdesk offers:

This sleek stand-out is easy to adjust up and down, and its natural bamboo surface is a reminder of what some ergonomic furniture makers have forgotten: A desk should be beautiful.

How They’re Changing The Industry

Xdesk is changing the industry in many ways, but most of all, they’re changing our sense of wellness and health in the workplace.  Not only is wellness the main goal of an Xdesk standing desk, but being environmentally friendly as well is key to making sure that Xdesk is stepping in the right direction on all fronts. 

Not only is every product we sell free of formaldehyde and other harmful toxins, we have also eliminated the use of solvent-based paints, putting Xdesk years ahead of anyone else in the industry. Xdesk is committed to ensuring that both our customers and our workers are safe. US based design and assembly allows for tight control and monitoring of how Xdesk is manufactured. – Xdesk

Final thoughts about Xdesk

Xdesk offers a product that showcases the capabilities of the brand as a whole.  Their work is filled with quality, care, and a mission to achieve change in any way they can in the office.  They want to promote health, wellness, and the motivation to reach for your goals when you get ready to start the day at your standing desk.  From the traditional methods to the more innovative sense of design and tech used, Xdesk is a cutting edge company that impresses anyone who happens to see what they do.

Hopefully, this walkthrough of the brand X Desk and what they have to offer has inspired you to change your work routine in a way to puts your health and wellness above all else.  Not only are these eye catching adjustable standing desks impressive, but they’re also pushing the limits on an industry that has not been touched for decades.

These desks are a work of art, they offer you stability in ways that have never existed in any office or home and they control powerful capacity in everything they do.

Now it’s up to you whether or not you’re going to take the plunge by making a needed change in your life.  This call to action is asking you to evaluate your life, go through your day to day schedule and ask yourself, what would you be capable of if you have more energy and activity in your day?  Would you be able to double what you accomplish in a day?  Would you be able to work on aspects of your life that you always put off because you never have enough time?  It’s up to you to answer those questions and they should give you your answer on whether or not this investment is worth it.

The Mercedes-Benz of standing desks, made in the good ol’ USA using sleek with sustainable materials such as natural bamboo and recycled aluminum.

Metro, discussing the amazing customizations and sustainable materials used within each standing desk from Xdesk.

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