Best Standing Desk Converters for Corner Workstation Setups

Got a corner desk but don’t know if you have space? Well, the corner sit-to-stand converters are great ways to save space as well as building a better lifestyle.  BY using a corner standing desk converter, you’ll not only save space in your work area but also improve productivity and lower back pain. The standing desk industry is at an all-time high, from all the research we’ve accumulated, we know that the market is vast and having a bit of guidance to help figure out what adjustable cubical corner desk works best for you is sometimes the extra help you need.

In today’s article we’ll be focusing on a list of corner desk converters specifically ideal for cubicles and corner standing desks. This list is jam-packed full of detail and specifications that will help you make your choice that much easier. We’ll be going into the design, quality, price, and special features that each of these desks will offer customers.

All of the desks on this list feature something special, which is why it’s up to you to make sure they are something you will want to invest in, we’re just here to help you find the perfect match.

Before we jump into the list, let’s quickly go over the basics of what an adjustable corner desk converter is.

What is an adjustable corner sit-to-stand converter

An adjustable cubicle corner desk converter typically refers to a product that can sit on top of your normal sitting desk. They can usually just rest on top of the desk’s surface or they can even be attached if you want a more permanent solution. Many people choose this option rather than a full-on motorized standing desk because it’s cheaper, saves room, and overall doesn’t waste the money you spent on the desk you currently have.

By having an adjustable cubicle workstation desk converter, it will change the way you work and focus. Let us help you with the research and understanding what these high-quality products have to offer.

Best Sit-to-Stand Corner Converters

Varidesk – Cube Corner 48

Bottom Line: High quality dual monitor setup, ideal for maximizing any small space with 11 different height positions.

Similar to the Cube Corner 36, this is the 48, larger space for all your desktop needs. The quality of this corner standing desk converter is unmatched, especially if you’re looking for the perfect surface for a dual monitor setup. Since this product gives you 48 inches of surface space, you’ll easily be able to accommodate for monitors that will actually give you a large display without any stress on the product.

While there is a higher price tag on this product, it’s undeniable that this product is worth every cent of investment, especially since this specific brand has been in the stand up market for years.

The spring assisted lift will allow you to adjust this product to your exact specifications without making your electronics wobble or move in any way. This is a patented feature that you won’t be able to find on any other product in the market. Making it ideal for those who want a stable setup that works with their comfort.

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FlexiSpot – 41″ With Removable Keyboard Tray

Bottom Line: A dual monitor setup that does not require any spatial additions, vertical movements only to minimize the space it requires.

The design of this product stands out quite a bit due to the fact that you can customize the product by being able to remove the keyboard tray if you won’t be using it. This product also has a deeper surface as well so you can have a better reading distance for a healthier work space.

With a lower price range than the previous option above, this will still be quite the investment, but when you want a specific set up that allows you to have dual monitors, it will be worth the overall price. With support offered up to 35 pounds, you will be receiving an eco friendly and fatigue tested corner desk that has performed above and beyond just for you.

The biggest difference between this dual corner desk riser is due to the fact that this product does not require any additional space between adjustments, you won’t have to waste any space around the product on your desk to be able to use this product. It only requires basic vertical space, that’s it!

Overall, this product is great whether you want to use dual monitors or one monitor and laptop or tablet, the choices are endless when it comes to how you want to use your workspace.

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Mount-It! – Corner Sit-to-Stand Converters, 48″ Removable Keyboard Tray

Bottom Line: Using steel materials to prevent wobbling, with an added no slip grip padding, allows you to protect your desk surface from damage.

With 48 inches of width on the surface of this cubicle tabletop converter, you’ll be able to use this space any way you want. This product even is designed to have a tablet holder which can also be used for phones as well. Overall, maximizing the space for productivity and ergonomic comfort.

The dual gas spring mechanisms in this product allow you to only have to squeeze handles on each side of the product to lock it into one of the 8 preset heights, whatever is the most comfortable for you and your space.

By far one of the lowest priced options on this list, ideal for those who want to try out a solution like this for the first time. If you’re unsure if standing converters for your desk in a cubicle is right for you, this is the best option for trying it out, while still receiving a quality product.

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VIVO – DESK-V000C Sit to Stand Workstation Converter

Bottom Line: Weightless height adjustment due to the gas spring, making it easy for anyone at any age to use this product.

A medium price range compared to the other products on this list, this is a very straightforward product that comes with all the standard features of the corner desk converter, but there are still a few features that stand out to us the most we’d like to discuss.

The biggest difference this product offers is the one touch adjustment when taking advantage of the ease and process of the gas springs. With only one touch you will be able to smoothly transition multiple times between standing and sitting positions.

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Eureka Ergonomics – 28″ Easy to Lift Adjustable Corner Desk

Bottom Line: A product tested over 100,000 times to promise the unique stability that can’t be found elsewhere.

The Eureka Ergonomics corner table converter offers a much different design when it comes to these products. The design is sleek and modern in a different way compared to other products. With the ability to choose between a black color and cherry, you’ll be able to blend this product into your workspace with ease.

As for price, you’ll be quite happy to hear that this product is in the middle price range, still an investment, but doable for most.

You can lock this corner desk riser into any adjustment you want for the height. You don’t have a set amount of settings, you can adjust it in any way you want for your own working comfort. This is the only product on this list that allows this.

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Victor – DC200 Adjustable Cubicle Desk

Bottom Line: Ideal for those who are experience stand up desk workers, created for those who want only standing options.

The lowest priced option on this list, ideal for beginners who aren’t sure if they want to stick to this change in lifestyle. It’s a very straightforward desk, no additional features. It’s a reliable product but while you can change the height, there is no wrist rest, smooth transition, or keyboard space.

If you want to maximize space in a cubicle area, this might not be the best option for you, but overall if you just want a very straight forward option without spending a huge investment, this is the perfect corner adjustable standing corner desk for you.

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What to look for in an adjustable corner desk

Before you randomly decide to choose the best rated adjustable standing corner desk out of this list, there are some key elements you should be very aware of when in the market for an adjustable corner desk converter. We’ve gone ahead and listed them below for you to follow:

Things to keep in mind:

  • Security: Does this cubicle desk converter come with any sort of stability, is the stand weighted, will it last through countless adjustments without it tipping or being wobbly? These are important questions to keep in mind, especially since the security of this product not falling over is also the security of your valuable electronics and workspace tools.
  • Design: You should always keep in mind how important the ergonomics and design are for a product like this. You want to make sure that the adjustable height includes enough range to work for your height and comfort.
  • Quality: Always remember to research what materials are used in a product to make sure you’re receiving the highest grade quality when it comes to your product that you’re investing in.
  • Space: How much space does the converter take up, will it use all of your desk space? How much space is available on the actual product? Will you be able to use a dual monitor setup? All of this is very important for you to consider when thinking about investing in an adjustable standing corner desk.

In general, you will be able to explore the adjustable cubicle table converter market with much more research and preparation under your belt, there are a number of price ranges you can look into, and you’ll know what features you need to be aware of. Just remember that the ergonomics of how these products are designed are key to your comfort and how much tension you put on your body.

Let us know what features are the most important to you and what product you liked the best on this list!

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