TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Full Review (Love it or Hate it?)

TrekDesk is hard at work to revolutionize how we see exercise and how we manage our time by making multi-tasking easier than ever.

Your health and productivity go hand-in-hand, and the engineers at TrekDesk understand this as much as anyone. That is why, when they unveiled the TrekDesk treadmill desk with the intention of selling it to business professionals, the general public couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Walk while you work with this state-of-the-art treadmill desk, which comes complete with every desktop feature that you would ever need. 24 hours is not enough time in the day to get everything done that we want to accomplish, but with the TrekDesk you could shave some valuable time off of your schedule.

Reasons Why You Might Love the TrekDesk:

  • You don’t want to waste money – So many people are paying membership fees to gyms that they rarely ever visit, and you don’t want to be one of them. Cancel that gym membership and make your office into your own private exercise zone.
  • It’s easy to stay organized – The TrekDesk comes with every organizational feature that you want from a desk, making it easy to get projects done, answer emails and cross things off your to-do list as you work on your fitness.
  • You’re just really busy – Going to the gym takes time out of your day, and it’s not like you can just skip work to go work out. You can save valuable time that can be spent on the other things that you love.

Reasons Why You Might Not Like This Desk:

  • It’s pretty cumbersome – The TrekDesk measures at 74’’ x 34’’. This can be a problem in smaller work spaces. The whole unit also weighs in at 58 pounds, which is not very lightweight.
  • There’s a fair amount of assembly required – On the TrekDesk’s Amazon listing, there is a typical assembly time of four hours-when assembled by the experts. If you lack the patience for long assembly projects and don’t want to have others in your home to do it for you, this is not ideal.
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The Construction of the TrekDesk

This heavy-duty treadmill desk is composed of a steel-reinforced desktop that sits above a powder coated steel frame. The high quality and durability of the materials used in its construction makes the TrekDesk weigh 58 pounds-which is great when you need something supremely sturdy for conducting business.

At 74 inches long and 34 inches across, this efficiency-focused workspace solution provides all of the space you’ll need for computer monitors, organizational tools, and more.

In addition to its significant size and trustworthy frame construction, the TrekDesk is also designed to be extremely practical. The entire workstation folds in half for ease of storage and can be used with pretty much any treadmill. The height of the desk can also be adjusted between 46.5’’ and 56.5’’.

The TrekDesk offers a serious solution to people who are serious about their time. With this workspace you can trust that its craftsmanship will stand up to the test of time.

The Features of the TrekDesk

Crafted with practicality and efficiency in mind, the TrekDesk is packed with features that are sure to give you the advantage that your busy day needs.

  • Works with almost all treadmills
  • 2-year warranty issued by the manufacturer
  • Manuscript stand
  • 2 Cup holders/utility holders
  • Four-level filing tray
  • Adjustable height between 46.5’’ and 56.5’’
  • Supports up to 55 pounds of your computer equipment and organizational supplies
  • Scuff-resistant desktop surface
  • Beveled edges for additional comfort
  • Support arms to provide added stability to the workstation

All of this comes complete in a sleek and modern-looking treadmill desk that suits the design of any business or home office.

Why Walking While Working is Good for You

Many office and at-home jobs tend to be relatively sedentary in nature, and this often results in weight gain, sluggishness and even depression. The human body is supposed to be on the move, but it’s not like you can just conjure up additional hours in your day to get the kind of routine movement that you need.

The use of a treadmill desk combines two time-consuming activities: work and exercise. Not only do you get to avoid costly gym memberships and sharing workout equipment with the strangers at said gym, but you also get to boost your work performance in the process!

When our bodies are routinely active, we feel better. Exercise helps in curbing symptoms of depression, managing your weight, improving your bones and muscles, reduces risks of chronic diseases, boosts your energy levels and so much more. When we feel our best, we are better able to focus at work-even when we’re walking on a treadmill at the same time.

What Customers are Saying About the TrekDesk

The Good:

  • Offers gracious space for desktop work
  • Solid and sturdy workstation
  • Video tutorial for assembly was helpful
  • Exceptional packaging for shipping
  • Stellar customer service

The Bad:

  • Desk makes it difficult to access front-facing treadmill control panels
  • Doesn’t include an organization system for cords
  • Can be tough to use if you’re over 6’5’’ and under 5’4’’

The TrekDesk on the News

In Conclusion

If you want to step up your physical fitness or even your overall wellness but lack the time to make it to the gym three days a week, the TrekDesk is a perfect addition to your home or office. This sturdy workspace fixture is armed to the teeth with features to make walking while working a breeze, though its large size can prove to be a problem in smaller spaces.

If you’re serious about making a lifelong change to your health and want to increase your good habits in a way that hardly feels like any effort at all, the TrekDesk could be exactly what you need to make that change.
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