6 Products That Can Help Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

October 28, 2022

Your body is everything and you should be treating it like a temple, however, there are unexpected events that can happen to each and every one of us. One of the worst things that can happen to us is when we start having back issues. This article is to help you with some of the best back pain relief products that we think can be helpful to you.

When it comes to treating your back probably, you probably want to try everything, but it can sometimes be overwhelming and expensive before finding the right product for you. Fortunately, here at Desk Advisor, have gone through extensive research and have come up with a short list that can give your back some final relief.

Lower Back Pain Relief Products

Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table

affordable best inversion table innova itx-9600

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The first on the list to help with your back pain is investing in an inversion table. This is one of the best ways to help with your lower back pain. The reclining table helps stretch the muscles and soft tissue around the spine by providing a slight pull (by gravity) to take the pressure off the nerves and disc between the bones of the spine. This treatment is being used around the country by physical therapists, so why not purchase one of these for your office or home which will help save you money in the long run.

Standing desk converter to stay moving

Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk Converter

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Another cause for your lower back pain is if you’re sitting too much. This can happen if you’re at a desk all day for work. A simple solution would just to remind yourself every 25 minutes to take a break and walk around. If your work doesn’t allow you to take breaks, then perhaps an adjustable standing desk can be the best option.

These desks are meant to help you go from sitting to standing in seconds. The purposes of these are that standing helps with your posture and muscles.

Lower Back Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

lower back pain relief massage

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If you have a long commute to work, we suggest that you get a shiatsu back massager that can be placed right on top of your car seat. This can heat up and give you a deep tissue kneading while in traffic, giving you a more relaxed feeling and relieving any lower back pain you have.

A shiatsu massage is different than other massages. Shiatsu is a Japanese term where it means “finger pressure.” This seat cover uses the shiatsu massage method to give you a rhythmic pressure on certain points of your back which helps the flow of the body’s vital energy, called chi.

Pulse massager for back pain relief

stimlating pulse massager back pain relief

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Another massager product that can help your lower back problems is the pulse massager. Not only can it help with your lower back, but you can also place the pads anywhere on your body to help relieve stress and pain. It uses low voltage pulses to the skin to stimulate nerve fibers that effectively block the pain signal to your brain and at the same time increases natural endorphins (a natural pain reliever).

Back Brace for your lower back pain

back brace lower back help

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If you’re constantly lifting heavy at work or bending over, we suggest looking into a back brace. These will immediately relieve your back pain, herniated disc, sciatica, scoliosis, and much more.

Back braces can help unload some of the weight normally placed on your lower back. It helps reduce the pressure on the spine’s joints, discs, and muscles. This can also prevent you in any future injuries.

Theragun for muscle relaxation

theragun physical therapist lower back pain stress reliever

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Another amazing tool for your lower back is a Theragun. These are a professional massage gun that can also help you with your muscles and lower back pain.

The Theragun is a handheld device to help your muscles by increasing blood flow, decreases lactic acid and interrupts the pain cycle. This is called percussion therapy where it targets certain muscles to help relieve tightness, reducing physical stress on the bones and joints.

Alternative lower back pain relief products

If you don’t any of these products work for you, then perhaps another alternative is to start exercising and help build a stronger core. Sometimes a weaker core can cause lower back pain. Working out has a lot of benefits, where we encourage all our readers to do.

Some ideas we think that can get you started in working out:

  • Office gym equipment – get small gym equipment for your office that can help with building a stronger core.
  • Under desk treadmill – this will get you moving because sitting is a disease and you need to stay moving while you’re at a desk.

Ergonomic office chairs

Getting an ergonomic chair will help with your lower back pain as well.

Perhaps your office chair just isn’t cutting it. If you’re sitting at your desk all day long and you’re not able to get a standing desk, then the second best thing to get is to invest in an ergonomic office chair.

We’ve seen many of our clients get a Herman Miller chair which has helped millions of people that fight lower back problems.

However, if you don’t want to get a new office chair, we wrote up an article where there are many ways to make your chair more comfortable. Some ideas and tips from the articles are:

  • Getting a support memory foam for your chair
  • Look into a smart posture device – Upright Go vs Lumo Lift
  • Lift up your feet by getting a footrest, making your chair more ergonomic.

What causes lower back pain?

There’s a lot of factors that cause lower back pain problems. Aging can be one of the most common factors, however, if you’re not that stage yet, then another one we see often, is that people sit at their desk all day they start to develop problems in their back.

Other causes can be:

  • bad sleep position.
  • exercising too heavy and perform bad form.
  • sciatica
  • kidney stones
  • scoliosis
  • and more…

How to prevent lower back pain?

If you already have lower back pain, some of the products listed in this article can help release some tension. Once you get to the point where your back feels a lot better, there are always ways to prevent it from hurting again.

Like mentioned earlier, exercising is a big factor to prevent future lower back pain. When exercising, target mostly your core.

Another simple technique we use to help prevent lower back pain is to constantly move when we’re at our desk. Opt-in using a standing desk or remind yourself every so often to get up and walk around.

Did we miss anything?

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these products! Or perhaps you have a secret pain reliever that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us!

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