Our In-Depth Autonomous Desk Review – Is It Worth The Price?

We were notified that Autonomous does not sell the Hybrid edition anymore. However, we still feel like their company, reputation, and quality of the standing desks is very superb. They have been constantly innovating with different types of standing desks, including, l-shaped smart desk, art desk, executive desk, and double desk. After a few months of use, I still love using the Autonomous standing desk! Its definitely one oft he better desks out there.

Are you looking for a sturdy, yet minimalistic electronic standing desk? Then we think you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come to the conclusion that the Autonomous standing desk has been one of the better-motorized desks on the market right now.

The design, look and feel of it makes it very worthwhile. The desk is not too expensive, and for the price, it feels really sturdy and durable. You’re not paying a premium for it, but definitely getting quality.

We’ve tested out the Hybrid Edition and we’ll be going over some of our thoughts and opinions on it, as well as going over the other standing desk options Autonomous has to offer.

You may want the Autonomous (Hybrid Edition) standing desk if you:

  • Value customer service – If you have any issues or problems (which you most likely won’t), then it is easy to reach them, and they’re very responsive and always willing to assist their customers.
  • Love the minimalistic and simple look – Their desks are very clean and simple
  • Require low noise motor – The noise of the electric device is 45dB, most silent on the market.

Why you may not like the Hybrid Edition desk if you:

  • Already have a desk – If you already have a desk, you can just look into a desk standing converter that’ll help you go from sitting to standing.
  • Are taller than 6′ – You might want to consider
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Looking for Autonomous Hybrid? check out their page


About the brand

The company started in 2015, headquartered in New York, was created to increase energy, productivity and overall better health benefits for the entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries that are always at their desk. Now with over 400 employees, the brand has become one of the top-selling standing desks on the market. Autonomous makes numerous office products that are very minimalist and clean in design.

Home vs Hybrid vs Business Edition

Autonomous sells three different types of standing desks, the home edition, the hybrid edition, and the business edition. They’re very similar in terms of functionality but just slightly different in height range, weight capacity, and warranty.

Height Range Weight Capacity Warranty
Home Edition 28″ – 47″ 220 lbs 1-year
Business Edition 25″ – 51″ 300 lbs 7-year
Hybrid Edition 27″ – 46″ 300 lbs 5-year

One cool thing about the business edition is that it comes with a free anti-fatigue mat that helps you stand more comfortably.

For more specifications between the three editions, check out the full specification table below on the next section.

standing desk against the window


Here’s a quick “good to know” rundown of the specifications regarding the three editions.

Home Edition Business Edition Hybrid Edition
Motor type Single Dual Dual
Lifting speed 1″/sec 2.3″/sec 2.3″/sec
Lifting capacity 220 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs
Noise level 50 dB 45 dB 45 dB
Height range (w/ top) 29″ – 48″ 26″ – 52″ 28″ – 47″
Length range 41″ – 59″ 39″ – 70″ 39″ – 70″
Frame foot width 27.5″ 27.5″ 27.5″
Material SPCC steel SPCC steel SPCC steel
Colors White, Black, Grey White, Black, Grey White, Black, Grey
Outlet voltage 110 – 240V 110 – 240V 110 – 240V
Assembly required Yes Yes Yes
Assembly level Easy Easy Easy
Average Assembly time 15-30 mins. 15-30 mins. 15-30 mins.
Trial 30 days 30 days 30 days

If you’d like to see the full specs, check out this full comparison chart from Autonomous.


We understand that pricing can be a big factor for a lot of individuals, especially for entrepreneurs that want to keep costs down but still reap the benefits of using a standing desk.

Autonomous’ pricing is very affordable with a high-quality product. Better yet, you’ll be able to finance your desk too, so you can make payments if you can’t afford the entire purchase all at once. You won’t even be charged any interest when you opt-in for the payment plan.


The standing desk is simple and minimal. Comes with a variety of colors where you can mix and match the table and the frame per your home or office decor.

The table has no cut-outs like some desks (which gives you optimal task space), except for the two small predrilled holes for hiding your cables. This helps with decluttering your table with unnecessary cables and hides it away from plain sight.

The frame is made of SPCC steel which is very sturdy and stable.

autonomous desk fully assembled


Unlike a lot of different brands out there on the market, Autonomous has provided an extended warranty on their products, their hybrid edition, and business edition. Granted, their home edition is similar to all other typical 1-year warranty, you’ll be able to extend it if you have a credit card that’ll give you buyer’s protection for an extended year.

Height Adjustments

Autonomous provides anyone with an easy way to start standing. You’re able to have four different presets for desired height.

So, it’ll be easy to switch between different ergonomic heights you feel comfortable with.

We believe that the height adjustment range is great for most individuals. However, if you’re taller than 6-feet, then we would suggest the business edition as the range can go up to 52″ in height (with top). The other edition, hybrid, and home might be a long shot for someone who is 6-feet.

video of autonomous ai standing desk going up

What we like about Autonomous standing desk


We mentioned this previously, we really like the pricing of their desks. Very affordable and can be bought over time on a monthly basis without paying any interests.

Adjustment Speed

Pretty fast, but keep in mind, the more weight you put on, the slower the desk will get. From sitting to straight standing would take me about 5 seconds time. The manufacturer speed is 1″/sec for the home edition or 2.3″/sec for the hybrid and business edition.

Quick and easy to get you from sitting to standing in no time!


Unlike a lot of competitors, Autonomous provides an extended warranty on their products. They have standing desks that come with a 5 or 7-year warranty.

Granted, their base level standing desk only has 1-year, you’ll be able to get an extended warranty if you have a credit card that has purchase protection that’ll extend it another year.

Delivery and Packaging

If you’re getting the stand and the table, then it comes in two packages. They’re packaged very tight with good padding to protect the product.

The delivery was very prompt and quick. Most of the time, you’ll probably get the package within 2 business days, within the US.

autonomous standing desk packaging


Being 5’10”, the table is very stable at the height of around 45″, this is perfect for the average person, unless you’re super tall, then the max height for this standing desk might be an issue.


The home edition comes with a single motor while the hybrid and business use a dual-motor system. Very quiet (with 45 dB at the lowest and 50 dB at the highest, depending on the type of desk you get), and easy to install.

The legs and remote device plugs into the motor with ease, to get you standing in no time, using only a 110 – 240V outlet voltage, which can be plugged into any standard outlet.

Life Capacity

You’ll be able to lift 220 lbs for the home edition, or 300 lbs for the hybrid and business edition. Enough for most people, an Apple Macbook with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You can even get up to using dual monitors, easy, or perhaps using a monitor arm that can be clamped to the table.

What we don’t like

Height Range

I’m 5’10” and at the highest level, my elbows sit comfortably on the table. I can see this having problems for people who are over 6′.

Learn more about proper desk heights to prevent back pain, here.

Stability (at the highest)

When you set the table at the highest level, the desk can get a little bit wobbly, but it is very indistinguishable unless you’re actually rocking the table or doing a lot of activities that require the table to be extra stable.

Cable Tray

The cable tray comes separately. It would be nice if the desk came with a cable tray, but I could understand why it’s an additional accessory. However, they do have pre-drilled grommet holes where your cables can fall through for a cleaner look.

Initial Lift

I was a little confused as to how to start the device. The instruction manual was a little confusing at first and had to resort to their YouTube video on how it works. However, it wasn’t a big issue, but I suppose that it could be frustrating for people who are new to how their standing desks work.

Other Considerations

  • Trial – If you’re not too sure about the brand, you can even try it for 30-days. They’ll even cover shipping, and no questions asked!
  • Payment plans – You can also pay the desk through a payment plan, which a lot of different competitors might not have this option.
  • Warranty – Instead of the typical 1-year, the this Smart Desk 2 Hybrid, gives you a generous 5-year warranty.

man using the autnomous ai standing desk with a view

What other people are saying

If you’re still not convinced, check out some of what the reviewers are saying:

The good:

  • My first standing desk and I’m in love – This is my first standing desk. I just want to say I’m incredibly satisfied with the ease of use and the desk’s simplicity. Having something like this has been key to me making better decisions, healthwise. Highly recommend this desk.
  • Good for budget and back – I’ve been looking for a standing desk for years that will do what the smart desk does, but have routinely been disappointed at the price of these things! As a guy on a budget (which I’m sure describes a lot of y’all reading too!) this desk makes both my budget and my back happy. Hats off
  • Great look at the office – The black goes great with the minimalist feel of my office. It’s a small touch on an overall GREAT product, I’d say. I love coming in to the office in the morning and working on this thing. Thank you, Autonomous!

The bad:

  • Too complicated to put together – This assembly is a little complex for a novice like myself. There’s a lot of material to help, a video that comes with the instruction manual, but this is just a lot to put together for one person.
  • Missing technology – It seems like in 2019 we ought to be able to link our devices to our phones. I would love to be able to change my desk height from my phone. The control panel on the side is fine but feels somehow dated.
  • Snooze alert – The smart desk is a great appliance, but the look is kind of boring. I’d liked to have something else with more aesthetic appeal.

Although there were some aesthetics that Autonomous can improve upon, we believe that the pros have outweighed the cons based on health benefits and your well-being.

Overall Thoughts

9.9 Total Score

Ease of Lift
Value of Money
Customer Service
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)

We believe that you’ll love the Autonomous stand-up desk. Our overall experience with the standing desk is very pleasant, easy to use, and gets us standing and sitting with a press of a button. The stability and quality of the standing desk have lived up to our expectations.

We know that you won’t regret getting one of their desks. However, if you’re on the fence about it, then just give it a shot with their no-hassle, free 30-day trial.

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Learn more about Autonomous: click here


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