5 Best Affordable Standing Desk Converters Under $200

A standing desk converter is suitable for anyone who does not want to experience the negative effects of prolonged sitting but is not ready to invest in a full or complete set of standing desk yet. It is great for anyone who wants to begin standing even at work and enjoy the benefits of it.

It works for you if you are concerned about your budget since they are offered at affordable prices. You can even find standing desk converters under $200. Aside from having a lower price than full standing desks, this converter does not also cause you to incur additional costs linked to the removal and disposal of your present desk.

The portability of these budget converters also makes it a great choice for those who change locations now and then. You can easily move from one spot to another because of how portable it is.

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vivo mobile image$180

flexispot mobile image$170

seville classics airlift mobile image$160
Seville Classics

stand steady mobile image$180
Steady Stand

techorbits mobile image$170

Top 5 Standing Desk Converters Under $200


This desktop riser from VIVO contributes to your productivity and health. It is designed in a way that you can move and stand from time to time while at work.
With that, you will find it useful in reducing stress and relieving muscle tension. Most users also love how easy it is to adjust either up or down. It is also well-built and durable with enough surface area for your monitor and stuff.


  • Measures 36 x 22 inches, making it spacious enough for setups with one or two monitors
  • Available in 32″ wide.
  • A simple-touch height locking mechanism
  • 25 x 10.5 inches keyboard tray
  • 3-year warranty
  • Dual gas spring force

What Stands Out?

This standing desk riser/converter stands out because of the amount of space it offers. It is spacious enough that it can accommodate not just one but multiple monitors. It also features a keyboard tray, which can help make your workstation comfortable.

Furthermore, it takes pride in its pneumatic spring lift. This specific feature promotes easy and smooth adjustment of the height just by squeezing the handle. It is also easy to find the most comfortable position for your height in this converter because of its unlimited height adjustments.

FlexiSpot M7L

At 42 inches, the amount of space provided by FLEXISPOT is quite hard to match by its competitors. With the space it provides, it can accommodate not only your PC monitor but also other stuff, like desk accessories and paperwork.

It will also have some space left for a u-shaped keyboard tray capable of handling flexible setup choices. Another advantage of FLEXISPOT is that it promotes versatile height settings or adjustments. It lets you adjust the height to the ideal level.


  • 42-inch size
  • Removable and quick-to-release keyboard tray
  • 5-year warranty for frame and 3-year warranty for other parts and mechanisms, like the gas spring system
  • Unique u-shaped design

What Stands Out?

The unique u-shaped design of the FLEXISPOT is one viable reason why it stands out. This specific design makes it possible for your standing desk converter to expand your workspace, allowing you to complete several tasks at once.

The versatility of this desk riser is also unquestionable as you can use it for several things, including drawing and writing. Aside from that, it can guarantee better stability compared to the others as well as the ability to save a reasonable amount of space through its vertical adjustments.

Want to learn more about FlexiSpot? Check out this article about their brand and other standing desks available.

Seville Classics airLIFT

This budget-friendly standing desk converter is also suitable for freelancers and remote workers who want to remain active and fit without hampering their work productivity. It is ready for use for anyone who wants to work from home.

It is large enough at 43 inches that it can handle even dual-monitor setups as well as other work accessories. You can use the Seville Classics in creating a more ergonomic workspace for you.


  • 43-inch size designed for dual-monitor setups
  • Sturdy frame made of heavy-duty steel
  • Up to 33-lb. weight capacity
  • 6.2-inch to 19.1-inch pneumatic height adjustment
  • 3-year warranty

What Stands Out?

Seville Classics is unique because of its proven versatility. It is so versatile that it can support a wide range of setups easily, including one or two monitors as well as a laptop and monitor. It also takes pride in its ergonomic curve, promoting extreme comfort.
This standing desk converter also takes pride in its proven strength. It is so strong that it can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 33 pounds.

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

The Stand Steady X-Elite is a fantastic choice for you if you want to have enough space to put your laptop, monitor, keyboard, and other useful accessories. Despite the huge space it offers, it still has a compact footprint.
With that, it will surely fit any workspace. It is so sturdy and strong, thanks to its metal base. This is a big help in preventing the converter from shaking or wobbling once you start working.


  • Sturdy metal base
  • Pneumatic pump assisted lift
  • Innovative air pump assist for ergonomic support and comfort
  • 20-lb. weight capacity
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy-grip side handle

What Stands Out?

Stand Steady X-Elite stands out from the crowd because it has a single-level and spacious design while retaining its compactness. Because of that, you can use it comfortably even in a tight workspace.

It is also ergonomically designed to guarantee a productive, happy, and healthy workday. Another thing that makes it unique is the easy-grip side handle combined with its air pump assist. It can help ensure that you can smoothly adjust the height.


With the large 37-inch workspace provided by the TechOrbits, it is surely a fantastic solution for your actual office or your home office. It is so spacious that it has enough room for two monitors, a laptop, your keyboard, as well as other useful stuff.

The TechOrbits is probably the solution you need to turn a regular work desk into a workstation, which allows you to sit and stand alternately. It is, therefore, a big help in enjoying the benefits of standing while working, such as boosting your circulation and improving your posture.


37-inch width
Up to 20-inch desk platform adjustment
35-lb. maximum weight capacity
Non-slip silicone pads
Limited warranty

What Stands Out?

One thing that makes the TechOrbits different from the others is the presence of its non-skid silicone pads. These pads are around to help ensure that the desk surface stays protected all the time.

It also has a huge maximum weight load, up to 33 lbs. Aside from that, it features gas springs that you can use to raise the height of the desk to a max of 20 inches. It also promotes easy and convenient mounting of the screen, thanks to its pre-set grommet hole.

What to Expect at $200 Price Level?

At $200 and below, you can already get a standing desk converter of top-notch quality. Most of these desk risers or converters are already wide and spacious enough. The size and space of standing desk converters at this price level can already fit a wide range of work setups – even those with two large monitors.

Most of these choices also have sufficient surface area designed for a mouse mat and keyboard. You can also find smaller surface areas, but you can still rest assured that they can hold some essentials.

The good thing about the desk ricers below $200 is that they are already strong, sturdy, and stable enough. Most of them are even constructed from materials and solid frames that can prevent the desk from wobbling.

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of build options and varying textures within this price range. The heights are already easily adjustable that they can surely support your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are expensive standing desk converters better?

More expensive desk risers do not necessarily mean that they are better. With proper research, you will be able to find affordable desk risers or converters that already have almost similar quality and features as the costlier ones.

It would be best to set your budget at the mid-range – one that is not so cheap while also not being too expensive. Conduct research about your choices, too. That way, you can surely find an affordable converter with high-quality features.

Will a standing desk converter under $200 last for a long time?

Yes, most of them are long-lasting. Standing desk converters below $200 already have metal or steel frames known for their sturdiness and durability. Such materials can offer an assurance that the item will be able to last for quite a long time.

The strength of most of these converters is also noticeable in its ability to hold a huge load of weight. They are also very stable that they will not wobble that easily even with heavy loads.

Can I find an electric standing desk converter in this price range?

Of course, you can. It is already possible to find high-quality electric-based standing desk converter below $200. Just make sure to spend time researching your options.

Determine what the electric desk riser within the price range can offer you. Study all its features, specifications, and benefits. That way, you can determine whether your choice can deliver on its promise and provide you with the benefits you want at such a low price.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a standing desk converter under $200 is a wise decision especially if you do not want to stretch your budget too much for this item. It suits you well, especially if you have no plans of buying an expensive full-size standing desk yet.

Even without that full-size set, you can still enjoy the benefits of alternating standing and sitting while working in front of your PC with the aid of the desk riser or converter.

The standing converters within that price range already have more than enough space and stability that you can work comfortably and with peace of mind. Some of them can even accommodate other stuff that you often use, like a pen and notebook.

Just make sure that you narrow down your options and you conduct thorough research about each one. Go for an affordable standing desk riser or converter with an ergonomic design. You should also be able to adjust its height with ease to maximize its benefits.

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