Best Study Desk for Students in 2023 [Updated Buyer’s Guide]

Is using a study desk necessary for students? Well, not all the time. Students who do not use study desks usually have an issue with space, so they have to settle and make do with what they have as an alternative to study desks. They study on their bed, on the dining table, or anywhere that’s suitable within their house where there is enough room for them to spread all their school stuff.

However, it does not take away the fact that using a study desk for your teen has its benefits especially when they want to create a space or environment that is conducive to learning. According to research, teens that use study desks help increase focus and concentration.

Having a specific place where they can layout and store all their books, paperwork, and other school-related work can make studying more effective and efficient. If you plan to invest in a study desk, make sure to take stock of their personal needs such as the room space or storage solutions.

To help you out, we round up some of the best desks for studying and threw in some tips on what to look for when buying one.

Best Study Desks for Students

Convenience Concept – Student Desk for Small Study Rooms

Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk

Easy no tools assembly. Lots of storage space. Economical yet durable. Stainless-steel poles.

If you are looking for an excellent student desk for the bedroom, Convenience Concept has come up with one that is minimalistic but offers enough working space as well as storage for all your books and other school items. The desk offers versatility in terms of placement. You can quickly move this against the wall or put it in the corner of a room to save space.

It is perfect for small rooms, which means it is the best desk for college students staying in dorm rooms. The construction is made from high-quality materials with stainless steel poles that are durable and can last for years. It is extremely easy to assemble with no tools required. Overall, it is minimalistic, durable, and affordable.

Key Highlights

  • The desk has an ample work surface and shelves on the sides for books and other personal items
  • The space-saving desk is perfect for small rooms and college dorms.
  • It features a minimalistic design that can fit almost any room interior.
  • Made from high-quality materials, durable to last for years.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It is super easy to assemble with no tools required.

One Space – Best Value Student Desk

OneSpace 50-1001MP Stanton Computer Desk

Sleek and elegant design; carbon steel frame and maple MDF. Pull-out keyboard shelf. Bottom storage shelf.

This desk with a pull-out keyboard tray is a perfect computer desk for students. This desk can accommodate a computer monitor or laptop and still has enough space for writing or reading. The pull-out tray adds additional space for your keyboard to keep your desk neat and tidy.

The bottom shelf can be used as storage for books and other school items. The PVC-lined MDF boards, carbon steel frame, and the sleek design are perfect for any small rooms. It is made from highly durable materials that can withstand rough usage.

One Space is lightweight and has a wide work surface of 27.5 inches width and 19 inches depth. It will not eat too much floor space because you can easily put this table at the corner of the room. Overall, if you are looking for a desk that is small, functional, and inexpensive, this desk fits the bill.

Key Highlights

  • Small, functional, and inexpensive standard desk perfect for a student desk for the bedroom.
  • It is lightweight and has a wide work surface.
  • The pull-out tray can be home to your keyboard and mouse while the bottom shelf can be used as storage for books and other items.
  • The desk is made from highly durable materials that can withstand everyday rough usage.
  • The sleek design of this desk can fit any room interior without taking up too much floor space.

Techni Mobili – Student Desk with Shelves and Computer Space

Techni Mobili Complete Computer Workstation Desk

Scratch resistant powder-coated steel frame. Slide-out keyboard shelf with safety stop, 10 slots CD holder. 5 Year limited warranty

This desk features a vast work surface that can accommodate a laptop or desktop computer with enough room for writing, shelves that can be used for storage, a pull-out tray that slides out smoothly for your keyboard and mouse, and a utility drawer where you can keep other school items and personal knick-knacks.

The whole desktop can hold up to 80 pounds of items while the shelves can hold up to 30 pounds. The heavy-duty MDF panels and PVC laminate surface veneer are moisture-resistant while the powder-coated steel frame is scratch-resistant. Well-crafted with a beautiful wood finish.

All in all, the design and smart layout of this desk make for a complete workstation. It is a nice, functional, and sturdy desk for a very reasonable price.

Key Highlights

  • This desk makes for a complete workstation.
  • It features a vast work surface, shelves for storage, a slide-out keyboard tray, and a utility drawer.
  • This is a sturdy desk that can hold up to 80 pounds of weight.
  • This desk is guaranteed to last. It is made with heavy-duty MDF, PVC, and steel frame materials, which are moisture and scratch-resistant.
  • All in all, it is nice, functional, sturdy, and economical.

Origami – Best Student Modern Study Desk

Origami Foldable Computer Desk

Opens and folds in less than 60 seconds. Removable tabletop for lightweight moving. Minimal assembly required just for feet stoppers.

If size and mobility are your top priorities when choosing a desk, you might want to consider getting this Origami foldable multifunctional desk. It opens and folds in minutes, which makes it a great portable desk that you can bring with you anywhere you go and folds flat in seconds for storage when not in use.

This feature also offers a practical solution to people who do not have enough space for a study desk such as college students who live in small dorm rooms. The work surface is wide enough to accommodate your computer and still have enough space to spread out your books and school paperwork. The bottom shelf can house books and a CPU if you are using a desktop computer.

This desk is made to last. It is crafted with chip-resistant wooden top and powder-coated steel frame that prevents corrosion when used outside. The smooth black finish and table design can fit any room interior, which also boosts the versatility of the desk. This means you can use the desk as a console table or display table in any part of your house.

Key Highlights

  • This desk opens and folds in seconds, making it the best portable study desk in the market today.
  • It also offers a practical solution to people who do not have enough room for a study table like college students who live in small dorm rooms.
  • The work surface can accommodate your laptop or desktop computer, display items, and still has plenty of space for spreading out your books and school paperwork.
  • This Origami desk is crafted with durable and chip-resistant wooden top and powder-coated steel frame that ensure it is built to last.
  • The smooth black finish and table design make this desk versatile.

Tangkula – Best Student’s Desk with Book Storage

TANGKULA Computer Desk Modern Home Office Workstation with 4 Tier Bookshelves

Simple Design & Compact Style. Practical & Multifunction. Durable & Sturdy. East Installation & Easy to Clean.

A compact, lightweight, practical, and functional study desk with bookshelf and storage options like this one are probably the most sought after desk in the market right now. This Tangkula computer desk is an excellent workstation for people looking for a desk with a large desktop surface and has ample storage options.

Made from high-quality and sturdy materials such as MDF board and iron tube, this desk is durable and built to last. The 4-tier shelves can be used as storage for books and other school items while the wide tabletop provides enough space for you to spread out any additional work, as well as for your computer and other personal items.

The desk is great for small rooms as it does not take too much floor space and the design can fit any room interior. You can also convert this desk into a display table in your living room or a utility table in your kitchen.

Key Highlights

  • A multifunctional study desk that is lightweight, compact, and practical.
  • This desk has 4-tier shelves that provide a lot of storage options.
  • It works for small room and versatile enough to be converted into a display or utility table in any part of the house.
  • Space-saving desk with a modern design that can fit the interior design of any room.
  • It is made with sturdy MDF board and iron tube to ensure that the desk can last for years.

Techni Mobili – Best Compact Student Desk

Techni Mobili Compact Computer Cart With Storage

All-in-one space saver workstation. The adjustable shelf that can be mounted center, right or left of the desktop. Keyboard shelf, side media rack, and locking caster. 5 Year Limited Warranty.

A desk with caster and wheels provide great mobility especially for people who like to move their desk from one place to another when studying, cleaning, or rearranging furniture. This desk features a non-marking four large nylon double-wheel that has locking casters for when you want the table to remain stable in one place.

Made with heavy-duty MDF panels with PVC laminate veneer and powder-coated steel frame, this desk can withstand harsh everyday usage. It is moisture and scratch-resistant.

As for functionality, the desk features the main desktop area for a computer and for reading and writing, an elevated shelf for storage, a pull-out tray for your keyboard and mouse, a bottom shelf that can accommodate a CPU or extra storage for your school supplies and personal items, and a side rack for CDS.

Techni Mobili desk is made with ergonomics in mind. The height and depth of the desk are just right, and the slide-out keyboard tray allows easy access to the keyboard to ensure that users can sit and work comfortably.

Key Highlights

  • This desk features four large non-marking nylon double-wheels with locking casters for mobility.
  • It is made with MDF panels, PVC laminate, and powder-coated steel that are moisture and scratch-resistant, and can withstand tough everyday usage.
  • A complete computer workstation that provides enough space for a laptop or desktop computer, a slide-out tray for keyboard and mouse, an elevated shelf for
  • storage, a bottom shelf for CPU and other items, and a bonus side rack for CDs.
  • Made with ergonomics in mind. It works well when paired with an ergonomic chair.

Monarch Specialities – Best Student Corner Desk with Storage

Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Corner Desk

This piece also features two medium storage drawers and a convenient lateral file drawer below to help keep you organized.

If you do not have enough space, getting a corner desk is a good idea. It can save some floor space and fits almost any room layout. This corner L-shaped desk made with durable wood and veneer in a white finish features a spacious tabletop, two storage drawers and a lateral file drawer, and shelves for additional storage.

The shelves are adjustable to accommodate different items of different height. The desktop can be switched to either side and still look good. All in all, this desk is functional, simple, and stylish. Its clean lines, thick panels, and overall design can make this desk a stunning centerpiece and focal point of your study area.

Key Highlights

  • Space-saving corner desk that can be switched to either side.
  • It features a spacious work surface, two storage drawers, a lateral file drawer, and adjustable shelves for additional storage.
  • The clean lines, thick panels, and white finish make this desk a stunning centerpiece of any study area.
  • Overall, it is a functional, space saving, and stylish desk perfect for small rooms.

Prepac – Best Space-Saving Desk for Studying

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage

Mount at any height with metal hanging rail system. Cable and wire management features keep your desk organized. Side compartments with two removable shelves each are ideal for speakers, electronic devices, books, photographs, and other personal items.

The best desk for small bedrooms is one that can be mounted on walls. A floating desk can save you a great deal of floor space while the compartments can serve as a display shelf for your books, photographs, and other personal items.

This desk features the innovative Prepac metal hanging rail system that mounts the desk directly and securely onto the wall. It has a stable work surface, perfect to get your work done and to accommodate your computer. The top shelf and side compartments provide storage and add visual appeal.

The integrated cable and wire management system keeps all cords and wiring organized. The modern and stylish design of the desk makes it a great addition to your office or bedroom.

The space-saving feature is great for any college students that are renting small spaces and can easily fit their laptops for college.

Key Highlights

  • A beautiful floating desk that can save you a great deal of floor space.
  • It features the innovative Prepac metal hanging rail system that mounts the desk directly and securely onto the wall.
  • It has a stable work surface perfect for writing and reading, and can also accommodate a computer.
  • The top shelf and side compartments provide storage and can serve as display shelves for your books and photos.
  • The cable and wire management keeps the desk organized.
  • The modern and stylish design is an excellent addition to any room.

Atlantic – Best Gaming Desk for Students

Atlantic 82050334 Carbon Fiber Texture Space-Saving Gaming Desk

Gaming design. Great durability. Extremely functional. Space Saving. Excellent cable management.

If you are on the lookout for a great computer desk that can hold more than one monitor, this might be the perfect one for you. Atlantic is an easy and straightforward desk that allows you to customize the parts especially if you are planning to install multiple monitors. You do not have to worry about the desk getting wobbly. It remains stable and very sturdy.

The cable management system ensures that all wirings are adequately organized and will not interfere with your productivity. The simple but functional design and carbon fiber texture are what make this desk appealing. Overall, it has everything you need in a desk without the complexities. It comes ready to assemble, and the price is very reasonable for its quality.

We also dubbed this desk as one of the most highly reviewed gaming desk. But it would be ironic if you’re using this for studying, however, we think that gaming is a great reward system to use when your child is doing a great job on their school work.

Key Highlights

  • It is an easy and straightforward desk that provides everything that you need at a desk without complexities.
  • Desk customizable to accommodate multiple monitors.
  • It is stable and very sturdy.
  • The cable management system ensures the desk remains organized.
  • It is simple, functional, and reasonably priced for its quality.

Nathan James – Best Modern Multifunctional Desk for Studying

Nathan James 51101 Telos Home Office Computer Desk Drawer Makeup Vanity Table

Multipurpose desk for students and great for storage and scratch protection. Sturdy and built to last for years.

Nathan James is known for its simple, stylish, and modern take on desks. This one, for instance, is a multifunctional desk that can be used as a study desk, vanity table, or a display table. The surface area is wide and can be a perfect place to write, read, or get all your work done. It can also accommodate a computer and other personal items, while the large drawer can be used as storage.

Crafted with a solid wood base this desk can hold up to 120 pounds of weight. The water and scratch-resistant material guarantee that the desk is built to last, while the additional floor protector on the bottom of the desk ensures that the desk will leave no scratches or unsightly marks on the floor.

Key Highlights

  • It is simple and modern. The Scandinavian style is elegant and can fit any room.
  • A multifunctional desk that can be used as a study desk, vanity table, or a display table.
  • Nathan James features an ample work surface that is perfect to get your work done. It is also spacious enough for a computer and other personal items.
  • Large drawers used to tuck away paperwork and other items.
  • Crafted with a solid wood base that can hold up to 120 pounds of weight.
  • Made with scratch and water-resistant material that ensure the desk will last for years. Floor protectors added to prevent any markings or scratches on the floor.

What to Look for in Study Desk for Students

Here are some things to look for when buying a study desk.

Room Space

The size of your room usually determines the size of the desk that you should get. If you have a small room, it is advisable to get a small study table and preferably something linear that you can easily push against the wall to save some floor space. If you have a big room, you could opt for a large and more versatile study desk in your preferred shape.

Desk Size

Once you know how much space you can allow for a study area, you can now look for a desk that could fit the space requirements. Decide if you want a space-saving desk that you can easily push against the wall, a U-shaped desk that lets you create and separate work zones, or an L-shaped desk that offers the same benefits for less space. Each has its benefits and floor space requirements, depending on your room layout.


It is crucial that your desk provides you with a pleasant working environment. The height of the desk should be right for you. You can get an adjustable ergonomic chair if the desk is a little bit too high, but both should work well together for you to get the most comfortable seating and working position.

Storage Solution

Students need storage and having one is handy especially if you need easy access to all their school stuff. If you want to display all your books and other personal knick-knacks, getting a study table with bookshelf is also a good idea. If having enough storage space is one of your top requirements, opt for a student desk with hutch, compartments, shelves, and drawers.

Design and Materials

Every item in this section should be taken into consideration for you to be able to find the best desk design that fits all your requirements. Then you can decide on the color and whether you want a classic or modern desk. A desk with a great design can be the focal point of a study room. An aesthetically pleasing room can help you be more inspired and productive. When it comes to the material, it is best that you look for something that is sturdy and can withstand rough usage. Wood, metal, steel, or laminate?


This is an essential factor to consider if you need to move your desk from one place to another all the time. You can look for a study desk that has casters and wheels. This will help you move the table from one room to another. College students who move from their homes to their new dorms should look into desks that they can easily take with them. The best desks for college students are those that are functional, have multiple storage options, and offers mobility.

More Student Desk Ideas for Studying

Create an enjoyable environment

Your child shouldn’t have to suffer at a boring desk while doing homework. They should be enjoying their environment. If the student’s environment is boring or if their ambiance feels dreadful, then their productivity can be hindered.

Building a fun and colorful environment will ensure that your child will want to go back to their study desk, be productive, and enjoy it.

Keep them moving or start standing

The student should also be moving from time to time so they don’t have any long-lasting health issues from a sedentary lifestyle.

Doing homework can be dreadful and boring for the student, and can often times lead them to falling asleep at their desk. There are a couple of solutions that can help prevent this, such as providing a converter to let them stand or introducing them to a treadmill for their desk to help them stay constantly active.

How We Came Up with this List

We believe that making an informed purchase is essential if you wish to get the most out of your investment. This list of products was streamlined based on quality, functionality, design, and customer satisfaction. All the things to look for that were mentioned above were also taken into consideration for you to be able to get the best value for your money.

We review every product carefully to be able to categorize them based on how they function best. Of course, we understand that some functionality that could work for some, may not work for others. For instance, some desks are high in style and design but low on organization and storage, and vice versa,

Hopefully, this could help you decide on which study desk to purchase based on your requirements. Here is the roundup of some of the best desk for studying.


You can use this information as a buying guide to be able to find a study desk that can cater to your specific requirements. Prioritize ergonomics. Find a desk that has the ideal height and depth for you. You’ll also want to ensure that it can accommodate your chair so you can sit comfortably as you work for hours.

Lastly, do not ignore all other factors to consider such as the size, shape, materials, mobility, storage solution, and design. A desk that has the right size and shape offers enough storage solution and mobility, made with high-quality and durable materials, and is aesthetically pleasing can help you study better and be more productive.

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